Union is a social club.
for everyone.

Why Union?

Union is a social club designed for connection. We believe in the diversity of thought and experience, so we built a place to meet someone different and learn something new. Come as strangers, leave as friends.


Union is your friend in common. Just one person can change your life, so whether you’re searching for a coder to build a website, a friend to show you the local hangs, or a dance partner to cut up the floor, let us introduce you.

Do good work.

Our House is an open floor plan that actually works. We’ve got communal tables for meetings and cozy corners for me time, plus strong WIFI and stronger coffee.


From workshops to workouts, open conversations to intimate meetups, our member-led experiences are opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Meet here, go places.

Eat good food.

In order to accomplish it all, you’ll need to fuel up. Our bar and restaurant is open all day and there’s always a seat at our table. Pull up a chair and order what you really want.

The goods




Outdoor Garden


(Coming 2019)

Music and art

Unique events

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Access to Union Durham and all its perks, + 3 daily guest passes

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Equity ownership in business, private programming and private space access. Global House access, concierge, connections team, and programming access for life.

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